After a change of air, I began to work in Grin Barcelona with interesting projects. The first was an official mod for Unreal Tournament 3, with the collaboration of Ageia (later sold to nVidia) which took six months to complete. Then was the Wanted: Weapons of fate, where I did most of the work in Grin.

When we finished, we try to make 4 demos (Strider, Street of Rage, Warewolf and Tower, but I only work on 2) for 1 month to try to help save the company, but eventually went bankrupt.

Unreal Tournament 3: PhysX Maps - (Official Mod for PC)
Wanted: Weapons of Fate - (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)
Strider - (Xbox 360) - (Cancelled)
Tower - (Xbox LIVE Arcade) - (Cancelled)
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