About me

My name is Manuel Mendiluce, and I am specialized in Level Design, in which I have been developing as a profession for more than 14 years, along with another year and a half as QA in different companies in the video game industry, mainly within Spain, but also with international experience.

So far I have participated in the development of 9 projects that have been published and many others that unfortunately stayed in the drawer:

- Commandos Strike Force (PC, Xbox, PS2).
- Imperial Glory (PC).
- Unreal Tournament 3 (Ageia PhysX Mod) (PC).
- Wanted: Weapons of Fate (PC, Xbox 360, PS3).
- Deadlight (PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC).
- Rime (PC, PS4, Xbox One, N. Switch).
- The Sexy Brutale (PC, PS4, Xbox One, N. Switch).
- Gylt (Stadia).
- Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia)

I consider myself a hard worker with a very good work ethic, responsible and focused on achieving the goals that I set. I tend to pay attention to the level of detail when it has to be done and work fast when it's time to do it too. I like teamwork, being able to help others and make life easier for those who ask for it, because if we all go well, the goal is closer.

Aware of how dynamic the work can be with last minute changes or work that has to be discarded. Everything is part of the job, not only the positive, so I take criticism as constructive to move forward and improve at every step.

Best regards,

Manuel Mendiluce


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